Northern Ohio is filled with more than rich history, gorgeous parks, and some of the best communities in the United States. It’s also filled with fantastic charities.

sanctuary senior dogs

That is evident in the wealth of charitable organizations that operate here. There are far too many to count, and they do excellent work. Here are four of our favorites:

Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

There are many dog shelters in the area, and we are thankful for every one of them, but the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs deserves a special mention due to their singular focus: providing care and homes for older dogs.

They target dogs that are seven and older who have been abandoned, giving them care and placing them in new homes. It’s been one of the top rated nonprofits in the area three years in a row for a reason! 

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs welcomes donations and could use your help. 


The cost of brain cancer treatments can be financially ruinous, bringing families to their knees. That’s why Mission4Maureen exists. To assist families with this burden during their time of need.

Based in South Euclid and serving all 50 states, Mission4Maureen provides help with mortgage payments or rent, utility bills, or even just providing some much-needed groceries. These seemingly small things can make a huge difference.

Mission4Maureen relies on contributions from donors.

Dogs Unlimited Rescue

Yes, we’re listing another dog rescue. We think it’s well deserved. Animals need someone to look out for them!

Dogs Unlimited is an all-volunteer organization that helps save abused animals, rescues dogs from high-kill shelters, helps educate the public on animal care, and most importantly, finds homes for dogs in need. Their efforts have helped them become a top rated non-profit for three years running.

Donors, volunteers and foster homes for dogs are all welcome, so it’s easy for you to get involved in some way. 

Lighthouse Inc. 

Breaking the cycle of poverty and building lasting relationships in poor neighborhoods is an important goal, especially in struggling city neighborhoods.

That’s why the work of Lighthouse Inc., which is part of HeavenTrain, is so important.

Focused on Central Cleveland, they offer food distribution programs, mentoring, youth services, and more, all with the goal of enhancing the life of at-risk young people in Cleveland.

Lighthouse Inc. does rely on the generosity of donors and volunteers, so your help would be welcome.

Obviously this short list only scratches the surface of the amazing organizations out there. 

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