No one likes to see their insurance premiums can go up, but unfortunately it can happen, sometimes even if you have a good driving record.

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While there are many reasons why your rate may be adjusted – too many to list here – what follows are seven of the most common reasons why a driver’s premiums may be adjusted upwards.

1. Upgrading Your Car

People often don’t consider this, but when you upgrade to a nicer or newer car, you’re also going to increase your insurance premiums. The reason is simple: the car is going to cost more to repair or replace in the case of an accident.

2. You Moved

Yes, moving can, in some cases, cause an adjustment in your insurance rates if you move to a higher risk area. The good news is, these adjustments tend to be minor.

3. You Got Some Tickets

Bad driving is not just bad for your driving record, it’s bad for your wallet. Get some moving violations and your insurance is going to rise, too. The easiest way to avoid this? Follow the rules of the road.

4. Had An Accident

You already know this one. Accidents won’t always make your rates go up – check with your agent to see what kind of plan you have and if it includes accident forgiveness for your first accident – but chances are pretty good they will, and more than one accident certainly will.

The reason is simple: accidents not only force the insurance company to pay out money, they show that you are a bigger risk. 

5. Your Credit Score Dropped

This varies from policy to policy, so check with your agent before you start to worry, but some insurance companies take your credit score into account when setting your rates.

If your credit score plummets, it may mean an increase in your rates the next time you renew. Check with your agent for details.

6. Added A New Driver

If a new driver was added to your policy or to your household, especially a young and inexperienced driver, that could have an adverse effect on your auto insurance premiums.

In some cases, the driver need not even be added to your policy to impact your rates, they only need to be residing in your household.

7. Too Many Claims, Too Little Time

If you make a number of claims in a short period of time, that could be a mark against you that impacts your premiums. The claims need not be for incidents that were your fault, either, so make your claims wisely.

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