The Northeastern Ohio and Greater Cleveland area has no shortage of organizations that do good work but don’t get the attention they deserve.

That’s why we’ve created this list. Here are 5 local charities that do great work right in your community. Consider supporting them this holiday season:

Girls With Sole

Giving girls who have been abused confidence through fitness, exercise and activity is the goal of Girls With Sole, a Cleveland-based charity. They provide girls with the equipment they need to start getting active, get them involved in 5k races, and even provide scholarships to up to 1,000 girls in Northern Ohio.

These efforts often result not just in personal healing, but in academic success.  It’s a unique charity that does good directly in the community.

Youth Challenge Sports

Young people with physical disabilities should not be prevented from experiencing the joys of athletic recreational activities.

That’s the view of Youth Challenge Sports, an organization dedicated to helping young people experience things their disability would normal prevent. Donations help fund each session, along with transportation and other costs.

These young people then get to enjoy recreation on ice hockey rinks and other things normally closed off to them.

The Turn

From Cerebral Palsy to stroke, amputation, multiple sclerosis and other ailments, sometimes kids have the peak of their physical life taken from them. Thanks to Return to Golf, though, some of those good times can be experienced after all.

This group offers free golf outings to kids with a wide range of impairments, giving them an opportunity to experience some of the fun and excitement that otherwise might be denied them.

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

Who says holiday giving should only be aimed at humans? The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs has a very special mission: matching older rescued dogs with loving homes.

When not matched, these dogs get a home right in the sanctuary for as long as they need one, with all the care they need to stay healthy and happy. This has been a top rated charity in the region several years running, so they’ve earned both your trust and your support.

Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless

Ohio winters get COLD, so there is no better time than the holiday season to assist the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, who are dedicated to fighting on behalf of the homeless.

Going beyond just providing soup kitchens (which is itself a noble effort), this group aims to find a solution to homelessness rather than just treat the symptoms, engaging in lobbying, education, and more. And they can always use your help.

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