It’s no secret that Cleveland is packed with things to see and do, including some pretty cool historic sites. Check out these four.

cleveland heinens rotunda

West Side Market, West 25th and Lorain 

Shopping is fun. Doing a little time travel while you shop is even better. The origins of the West Side Market date all the way back to 1840, when it was an open air market.

After decades of being a focal point for local Clevelanders, in 1912 it opened as a full markethouse designed by two of the city’s most renowned architects of the day, Benjamin Hubbel and W. Dominick Benes.

Flash forward to today and the only thing that has changed is the diversity of shops and vendors you’ll find here. If you want a true taste of Cleveland, past, present and future, give it a visit.

Cleveland Grays Armory, 1234 Bolivar Rd. 

Founded in 1837, the Cleveland Grays were a private military company founded to promote patriotism in the Greater Cleveland area and to help out local law enforcement.  In 1893, they constructed the Armory to serve as their headquarters.

Today, the Armory serves not only as an historic building, but as a museum to preserve artifacts and history related to the United States military, especially that relate to the Cleveland area. If you enjoying seeing slices of Cleveland not often seen, this is worth a visit.

USS Cod Submarine Memorial, 1089 E 9th St, North Coast Harbor

This Gato-class submarine made war history by sinking the first Japanese destroyer of World War II, one of 12 enemy vessels in total it sank. It patrolled the waters near Australia and in the Pacific, as well as in the East China Sea.

After the war it served various duties before being decommissioned in 1971. Today it serves as an historical landmark and a museum, and it is a very cool place to visit. Being inside the sub and realizing troops would spend long periods of time underwater in it is awe-inspiring!

Heinen’s of Downtown Cleveland, 900 Euclid Ave

It may seem like it’s just a grocery store, but  the newest Heinen’s is more than that. It’s a piece of history. Located in an historic rotunda, Heinen’s is as much a trip back in time as it is a trip to the store. Even if you only stop in once, it’s a sight worth seeing.

Old Stone Church, 91 Public Sq. 

The Old Stone Church is aptly named. Dating from the 1850s, with earlier churches on the site dating to 1819. The Old Stone Church is the oldest building in Public Square and is one of the city’s most historic spots.

It has survived several fires, proving its ability to persevere. The church today is virtually unchanged from when it was built, making it not only a beautiful landmark, but a lovely window back in time. For that alone, it’s worth a visit.

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