Spring is here! That means it’s time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

For those of you who like to get out in the open air now and then, here are 3 places you might not expect that offer great opportunities to get outdoors on Cleveland:

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Lake View Cemetery

A cemetery may seem like an unusual place to get some time outdoors, but Lake View Cemetery is more than a resting ground. It’s also a slice of history. In fact, it includes picnic sites and hiking trails for that exact reason.

See the famous Garfield and Rockefeller monuments, visit the Wade Chapel and sprawling Lake View Cemetery Dam, take one of the guided walking or bus tours, or just stroll through the quiet of history on your own.

CanalWay Center

The last thing you’d expect in the heart of Cleveland’s industrial center is 300 acres of open space to explore, but that’s exactly what you get at the CanalWay Center.

This marriage of industry and environment features picnic areas, trails, nature centers that are great places for learning, and more. It’s also connected to the lengthy Towpath Trail, giving visitors miles of hiking area to explore. 

Cleveland Botanical Garden

This one is no big secret, but it probably goes overlooked by more than a few of you. Located in the heart of University Circle, you won’t have to venture far from home to enjoy its wonders.

While there are large portions of the gardens that are located indoors, including a “rain forest” that has to be experienced firsthand, there are also 10 acres of sprawling outdoors gardens to explore. Each boasts a different theme and look, ensuring that you’ll have something new to see every step of your visit.

Cleveland might be one of the region’s greatest and most industrialized cities, but as you can see from this list, that doesn’t mean we have a shortage of great places to get outdoors for a while.